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Query unigd graphics device static plot IDs. Available plot IDs starting from index will be returned. limit specifies the number of plots. This function will only work after starting a device with ugd().


ugd_id(index = 0, limit = 1, which = dev.cur(), state = FALSE)



Plot index. If this is set to 0, the last page will be selected.


Limit the number of returned IDs. If this is set to a value > 1 the returned type is a list if IDs. Set to 0 for all.


Which device (ID).


Include the current device state in the returned result (see also: ugd_state()).


List containing static plot IDs.


ugd() # Initialize graphics device

# Page 1
text(.5, .5, "#1")

# Page 2
text(.5, .5, "#2")

# Page 3
text(.5, .5, "#3")

third <- ugd_id() # Get ID of page 3 (last page)
second <- ugd_id(2) # Get ID of page 2
all <- ugd_id(1, limit = Inf) # Get all IDs

ugd_remove(1) # Remove page 1
#> [1] TRUE
ugd_render(second) # Render page 2
#> 1unigd 
#>     3 
#> [1] "<svg xmlns=\"\" xmlns:xlink=\"\" class=\"httpgd\" width=\"720.00\" height=\"576.00\" viewBox=\"0 0 720.00 576.00\">\n<defs>\n  <style type='text/css'><![CDATA[\n    .httpgd line, .httpgd polyline, .httpgd polygon, .httpgd path, .httpgd rect, .httpgd circle {\n      fill: none;\n      stroke: #000000;\n      stroke-linecap: round;\n      stroke-linejoin: round;\n      stroke-miterlimit: 10.00;\n    }\n  ]]></style>\n<clipPath id=\"c0\"><rect x=\"0.00\" y=\"0.00\" width=\"720.00\" height=\"576.00\"/></clipPath>\n<clipPath id=\"c1\"><rect x=\"59.04\" y=\"59.04\" width=\"630.72\" height=\"443.52\"/></clipPath>\n</defs>\n<rect width=\"100%\" height=\"100%\" style=\"stroke: none;fill: #FFFFFF;\"/>\n<g clip-path=\"url(#c0)\">\n</g><g clip-path=\"url(#c1)\">\n<g><text x=\"374.40\" y=\"285.25\" text-anchor=\"middle\" style=\"font-family: Liberation Sans;font-size: 12.00px;\" textLength=\"17.70px\" lengthAdjust=\"spacingAndGlyphs\">#2</text></g>\n</g>\n</svg>" # Close device
#> agg_png 
#>       2